Applications Open: June 15th - July 31st

For the time being, please feel free to peruse our carrd for further information about the project!

Essential FAQ

Bambi & Birdie
What is a zine?
A zine is a collection of artwork, stories, and sometimes additional creative works, all focused on a particular theme and created by fans, assembled into a small book! Often, in addition to the zine itself, projects like this include merchandise such as stickers, prints, and charms.
Zine Type
P4P, meaning this zine will be priced at the cost of production. Any profits will go to a charity that will be announced before pre-sales open.
Zine Focus & Theme
The focus of this zine will be the romantic relationship between Haruno Sakura and Hatake Kakashi from Naruto. The theme of the zine will be seasons, and the zine will be divided into quarters, each one thematically focused on a particular season.
Will this Zine have merch?
Absolutely! Our exact merchandise will be decided during the contributor pitch process.

Content FAQ

Will this zine be NSFW?
This zine will be a mix of both SFW and NSFW works. All works will come with appropriate warnings and NSFW works will be marked on the contents page.
Will the zine allow underage content?
SFW works can portray characters of any age. NSFW works will be required to portray characters as 18+.
Will there be any other content restrictions?
We won't be allowing omegaverse, self-inserts, or reader-inserts, and all pieces must focus on KakaSaku.
Are AUs allowed?
Narutoverse AUs are allowed. This means you are free to play with eras and tropes as you please so long as you do so within the universe of Naruto.
Is AI art/fic allowed?
Absolutely not. Any use of AI will result in immediate removal from the project and a ban from all future projects involving the mods.

Participation FAQ

Who's allowed to participate?
Anyone 18+!
We do ask that anyone who supports the Israeli occupation of Palestine and/or the Russian invasion of Ukraine does not apply.
Do I need zine experience to participate? Am I more likely to be accepted if I have it?
Not at all! You'll need writing/art samples to apply, but zine experience is irrelevant and won't factor into applications.
How many contributors will you be accepting?
Not including guests and mods, we have spots for:
• 24 Artists
• 6 Authors
• 3-4 Merch Artists
What types of work will we be allowed to pitch?
All roles will be allowed to pitch both SFW and NSFW ideas.
Artists may pitch page-illustrations, 4 page comics, and spreads.
Authors may pitch 2k and 4k fic ideas.
Merch Artists may pitch stickers, pins, charms, prints, bookmarks and more!
How will contributors be compensated?
Sales allowing, all contributors will receive a full physical contributor bundle free of charge. If we don't reach the sales goal necessary to facilitate this, all contributors will receive free copies of whichever items they worked on. Additionally, regardless of the outcome of the zine, all contributors will recieve a free digital bundle and a discount code for any additional items ordered.

If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to ask here!


Interest CheckApril 10thMay 10th
Contributor ApplicationsJune 15thJuly 31st
Results SentAugust 5thAugust 10th
Join Deadline-August 15th
Pitch PeriodAugust 15thAugust 20th
Assignments-August 25th
1st Check-InOctober 5thOctober 10th
2nd Check-InNovember 10thNovember 15th
3rd Check-InDecember 15thDecember 20th
Final SubmissionsJanuary 25thFebruary 1st
Final Feedback & EditsFebruary 5thFebruary 15th
FormattingFebruary 20thMarch 25th

Guidelines & Applications

Zine Requirements & Application GuidelinesContributor applications open June 15th.

Mod Team

Bambi & Birdie are our mods for this project. More detailed mod profiles are currently under construction, please check back soon.